What kind of factory is suitable for installing industrial fa

The large industrial fan is suitable for installation in the industrial workshop, and it can provide a comfortable and cool working environment for the staff by switching the airflow to cool down. However, whatever building structure can the industrial fan be installed in?

Of course not. When installing a large industrial fan, consider what kind of material is used in the building. There are many kinds of building materials, such as steel structure, concrete structure, spherical grid structure and complex structure. If it is wooden structure or other structures that are easily broken off are not recommended for installation to avoid accidents. For example, factory buildings, commercial centers, stations, exhibition halls, etc. can be installed with large industrial fans, at least 5.5 meters above the ground when installed. If it is a brick concrete structure, it can be installed with L-shaped mounting frame and symmetrically installed in brick-concrete structure. Both sides of the beam are fastened to the beam body through high-strength impact bolts. It is safe and stable. If it is an H-beam hanger, it can be used with C-shaped hangers with threaded ends. It is not only simple and fast, but also durable.

When installing large industrial fans, they are all made of stainless steel high-strength bolts. They have high toughness and high strength. The anti-shedding nuts are further protected. Each screw is locked to the standard torque with a torque meter. Safety and standard construction, in strict accordance with the construction standards of high-altitude operations, fully consider the personal safety of the constructors and surrounding staff.

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