Cooling effect of air cooler

As we all know, the air cooler uses the evaporation of moisture to take away the heat in the room to achieve the effect of reducing the temperature. It has the effects of good ventilation, rapid cooling, deodorization and dust removal. It has a wide range of applications and large demand, such as indoors and farms, electronics factory, machinery factory, etc. can be used. Long-term wrong use of air cooler may caused the cooling effect of the air cooler is not good, how to solve this situation?

air cooler
1. Open the doors and windows around the cooling fan to speed up the air flow. If it is a domestic air cooler, we can also install an exhaust fan to help the rapid flow of air.

2. Proper installation and use of the water level probe. If the water level probe is not installed properly, it may cause the pump to stop working.

3. Regularly clear and replace the water pipes to prevent the water supply pipes from being blocked; clean the filter screen, wet curtain and chassis in time. When the internal environment of the air cooler is clean, it can release clean air.

4. In the cold weather, because the humid air circulation is poor, so the cooling effect of the air cooler is poor. On rainy days, we can turn off the cooling function and enhance ventilation.

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