The difference between negative pressure fan and positive pre

As we all know, the negative pressure fan is a very good ventilation and cooling effect device. It mainly discharges the indoor heat and odor through the negative pressure air extraction method. The outdoor fresh air flows in and the air exchange rate is up to 99. %, can be used in agriculture, animal husbandry, industrial and other places; positive pressure fan is the flow of high-pressure driving airflow, has a kind of thrust, can effectively prevent the outside dust from entering the interior, maintaining a high degree of clean state, more is In clean rooms, pump valves and other places.

The difference between a negative pressure fan and a positive pressure fan:

1. The installation is different
The positive pressure fan is generally installed in the high window of the building, and the negative pressure fan is generally installed outside the window of the workshop, and is installed at the lower air outlet to facilitate the outside to draw air, so that the outdoor fresh air comes in to achieve the effect of air convection.

2. The principle of exhaust is different
The negative pressure fan removes the air outwards, so that the indoor air is thin, thereby forming a negative pressure zone, so that the outdoor air flows in and achieves the effect of ventilation.
The positive pressure fan is opposite. It is pumping air indoors.

3. Different functions.
The negative pressure fan is mainly used for ventilation to cool down, eliminate odor and eliminate dust.

The positive pressure fan is often used in the escape corridor. When a fire accident occurs, the internal motor will open the air outlet. The temperature sense of smoke or the manual fire alarm will be turned on. The tower top positive pressure fan is fully opened and sent. The wind shaft is pressurized and air blown. The front chamber of the stairway will continuously supply air to the front chamber through the positive pressure air supply port, so that the front chamber maintains a positive pressure to ensure that the flue gas will not spread in this area, and extend time for escape. When the temperature is higher than 280 °C, people have no possibility of escape, the internal fuse will be blown, and the tuyere will be fully closed to prevent the fire from spreading.

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