How to maintain the air cooler

When the air cooler is in a bad environment or the use time is too long, a large amount of dust in the air adheres to the surface of the air cooler or the fan blade, which not only affects the appearance but also shortens the service life of the air cooler. What should we do when the air cooler is dirty?

1. The maintenance of the unit
When using the air cooler, pay attention to the cleaning of the chassis. You should change the water every day to keep it clean to prevent mold growth and odor.

2. The cycle maintenance of the unit
When the unit is running for a period of time, we need to carry out maintenance. The specific time depends on the situation. It is best to take care of the filter during the maintenance within one or two months to prevent the filter from being blocked.

3. Cleaning inside the unit
After the long-term operation of the air cooler, in order to ensure the normal cooling effect of the air cooler, the inside of the unit should be cleaned on time.

4. Season maintenance
When the summer season is over, in order to prevent the freezing of the body and the breeding of mosquitoes in winter, the tap water should be turned off, the water should be drained, and the power supply should be cut off.

The specific maintenance time can be determined according to the actual situation. It can be cleaned occasionally, and thoroughly cleaned when change the season. These maintenance are necessary to extend the service life of the air cooler and save the company cost.

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