How do industrial fans save energy?

Large industrial fans are usually installed in a large workshop, with the function of ventilation and cooling. Industrial fans are also called industrial energy-saving fans. Why do you say that? Because it is very good of energy saving and environmental protection effect, where are the energy saving effects of industrial fans?

1. The industrial fan is used not only in the hot summer, for ventilation and cooling, which brings people a cool working environment, but also can be used in winter, when people need to warm in winter, industrial fans can make the most use of the upper and lower floors of tall buildings. The heat of the upper layer is taken with the least amount of energy.

2. The coverage of an industrial large fan exceeds 16,000 square meters, and the electricity cost per hour is only a small fee.

3. Large-capacity and low-speed operation, connecting 1~2 horsepower motor for variable frequency drive, improving the efficiency and quietness of industrial fans.

4. When used alone, it can produce 4~5 degrees temperature difference within 6 meters around the fan.

5. If industrial large fans are used together with other equipment, such as air conditioners, the air conditioning facility configuration, ducts, end devices, and power load can be reduced, thereby reducing investment costs.

6. The fan blade of the industrial big fan can be customized, whether the fan blade is long or short, its power is not changed, eliminating the concern of the increase in consumer electricity bills.

7. The same energy consumption, but can get more than ten times more air circulation than the traditional fan.

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