The reason for the popularity of FRP negative pressure fans

The negative pressure fan discharges the heat and dust in the room by means of vacuum suction to achieve the effect of indoor ventilation. Negative pressure fans are divided into stainless steel negative pressure fans, galvanized negative pressure fans, and FRP negative pressure fans. They are commonly used in industrial workshops, warehouses, animal husbandry, etc. Why are FRP negative pressure fans the most popular?

First of all, we must know that the FRP negative pressure fan shell and the fan blade are made of FRP material, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-conduction, stable performance and high mechanical strength. The design of the fan blade has the characteristics of power saving, large air volume, low noise and air return. The motor adopts an aluminum-shell all-pass motor, and the transmission mode is a motor direct-coupled transmission. According to the principle of fluid mechanics, the air duct design is optimized. The exhaust air is 46,000-48000 cubic meters per hour. One fan can guarantee 800 cubic meters of workshop ventilation every minute. The matched power is only 0.75 kW, which is very energy-saving.

The size of the general manual FRP negative pressure fan is unstable, the thickness is uneven, the weight is unstable, the vibration is easy to occur, and the noise is large, which causes the motor load to be too large, which easily damages the motor, the fan blade and other accessories. Our company's negative pressure fans overcome these shortcomings.

In addition, the FRP negative pressure fan can be installed in any environment, whether in a humid environment or in an acid-base environment, galvanized negative pressure fans are not available, and stainless steel negative pressure fans are expensive. So in these three products, the quality is good, the price is not the highest, only the FRP negative pressure fan. This is why the FRP negative pressure fan is so popular.

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