How to maintain the motor of the industrial fan

In the daily maintenance of large industrial fans, the maintenance of the motor is something that people need to pay attention to. Motor maintenance should be checked in addition to the normal operation process, and regular inspection should be carried out so that some faults can be eliminated in time to ensure safe and reliable operation of the motor.

1. Large industrial fan motor is easily damaged during the process of logistics. The main performance is as follows: The casing and end cover are easy to wear and crack. Therefore, before the motor is installed, it is necessary to check the motor, repair the worn parts, and repair the cracks.

2. To clean the dust outside the motor in a timely manner, if it is in a lot of dust, the environment is not very good, the motor wipes once a day.

industrial fan
3. In a humid environment, the iron core is prone to rust, therefore, the iron core should be kept dry, it is best to apply anti-rust oil.

4. Regularly check the fixing screws of each part. If there is looseness, tighten it in time.

5. Regular inspection of lubricating oil, when adding lubricating oil, must pay attention to the amount of addition, too much or too little can easy to cause the bearing overheating and damage.

6. The lead wire and wiring may also be damaged during operation. Therefore, if there is a problem during regular inspection, the damaged part should be replaced in time.

7. The grounding device of the motor is an important part. Therefore, the grounding device must be inspected and executed in strict accordance with the standard operation.

If you follow the above method to maintain the motor of a large industrial fan, there will be no problem. If you have better maintenance methods, please kindly contact us.

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