he reason why the industrial fan speed is slow.

Because of the greenhouse effect, global warming, and summers have become extremely hot, large industrial fans have provided convenience for countless people, but over time, speed of large industrial fans will slower , what is the reason?

When we find that large industrial fans become slow, firstly, observe whether the blades are deformed. When the wind receiving surface of the fan is reduced, the air volume will decrease; secondly, listening. Listen carefully to the fan when it is running, is there any abnormal noise? If there is abnormal noise, it proves that the bearing is in a state of lack of oil. This will also affect the air volume of the industrial fan. You can refuel on the bearing, or ask a professional maintenance person to repair it; if the fan is new, check if the governor is broken. Finally, it is also possible that the capacity of the capacitor is reduced. If the capacitance of the capacitor is reduced or the oil friction is large or the short-circuit between the turns is short, the capacitance of the capacitor is reduced. Increase the capacitor capacity, but not too large, or the motor temperature will become higher, which will endanger the service life of the motor. This is a synchronous motor. The speed is determined by the frequency of the power supply. For example, if there is no blade 100 turns, there will be 100 turns after installing the blade. Once the blade is installed, the load is too heavy, the motor can't start, and the spring repeats continuously to start.

Although there are many reasons for the speed of large industrial fans become slow, but generally speaking, that is to say that the above points. If you have any other reasons that cannot be solved, you must find professional maintenance personnel to check. 

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