Detailed introduction of UV photolysis equipment

UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment has a corresponding discharge pipe and exhaust power, which enables the odorous exhaust gas to be photo-deodorized and purified by the device, and does not require any auxiliary additive to carry out a chemical reaction.It can decompose and evolve high concentration, large gas volume and various malodorous gases,the equipment is stable and reliable, and it can continue to work 24 hours a day.

UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment
UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment does not require any additional mechanical action, there is no noise pollution in the process of operation, also do not need special maintenance, only need to regularly check whether the device is working properly, with and without damage, low consumption equipment itself, its material is imported materials, with fire prevention, the advantages of corrosion resistance, long service life and stable effect.UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment can completely decompose the toxic and odorous substances in the exhaust gas to achieve a perfect deodorization effect, and the decomposed gas can achieve harmless discharge without secondary pollution.

UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment is suitable for decomposing various waste gas bodies at normal temperature, and oxidizes the organic waste gas in the air into a harmless gas by photolysis and oxidation, without leaving secondary pollution, and uses a vacuum wave ultraviolet light to activate the catalyst to drive redox reaction.At present, the photolysis catalyst is not consumed during the reaction process, and the moisture and oxygen on the surface of the exhaust gas are used as oxidants, which is efficient, energy-saving and trouble-saving is its biggest feature.

UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment is effective for a variety of organic substances,only need UV photolysis exhaust gas treatment equipment to achieve a certain reaction time and environmental ratio,it can reach the point of complete oxidation,it can be said that the oxidized object has no particularity,It could be anything.

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