UV photolysis processing equipment design method

UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment with the development of society, environmental pollution has received more and more attention from people, which requires existing enterprises to treat the exhaust gas. Exhaust gas treatment refers to the pre-treatment of waste gas generated in industrial sites and factory workshops before being discharged to the outside world to meet the national standards for exhaust gas emissions to the outside world.

At present, many waste gases are treated by UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment, but UV photooxidation is limited by temperature.For example, if it is higher than the temperature (60 degrees Celsius) that the UV device is subjected to, it will lose its processing capacity.At present, some dust particles often exist in the exhaust gas,and if not treated, these dust particles are easily attached to the ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the photolysis efficiency.

UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment
The utility model relates to a UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment which is provided with a light decomposition box, an air inlet port and an exhaust port are respectively arranged on two sides of the light splitting box, a suction fan is arranged at the exhaust port, and a uv lamp is arranged in the light split box to attract the fan,connect the power plug of the uv lamp to the power supply.

The air inlet of the UV photolysis waste gas treatment equipment is connected with a self-spraying tank according to the gas pipe,the bottom end of the spray box is provided with a water outlet, a valve is arranged on the water outlet, and an air outlet is arranged at the top of the spray box, and the air outlet is connected,the gas pipe is connected with an intercooler at the other end of the water outlet, and the bottom end of the spray box is installed at the top of the intercooler according to the connecting rod, and the inlet pipe is set at the upper end of the intercooler.

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