Plasma exhaust gas treatment equipment

Introduction to the equipment
The low temperature plasma is the fourth state of the substance after the solid state, the liquid state, and the gaseous state. When the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of the gas, the gas is broken down to produce a mixture including electrons, various ions, atoms, and radicals.

Although the electron temperature is high during discharge, the temperature of the heavy particles is very low, and the whole system exhibits a low temperature state, so it is called a low temperature plasma. Low-temperature plasma degradation of pollutants is the use of these high-energy electrons, free radicals and other active particles and pollutants in the exhaust gas, so that the pollutant molecules decompose in a very short time, and subsequent various reactions to achieve degradation of pollutants.

Plasma exhaust gas treatment equipment
Working principle
The basic process of removing contaminants:
Process 1: Direct bombardment of high energy electrons;
Process 2: O oxidation of O atoms or ozone: O2+e→2O-;
Process 3: Oxidation of OH radicals: H2O+e→OH+H H2O+O→2OH H+O2→OH+O;
Process 4: Molecular fragmentation + oxygen reaction.
Plasma exhaust gas treatment equipment
Performance characteristics
1. High purification efficiency, stable performance, and the effect can reach more than 90%.
2. Small size, light weight, low power consumption and low operating cost.
3. No need to regenerate raw materials, control the formation of harmful products, no liquid discharge, no secondary pollution.
4. Easy maintenance, low cost, regular maintenance and cleaning.
5. Long service life, easy installation and fully automated operation.
6. Handling air volume of 5000-100000m3/h or above (can be customized according to customer requirements).
Plasma exhaust gas treatment equipment
Applicable industry
Mainly used in chemical industry, paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, tire and rubber production plant, automobile production, paint spraying, sewage treatment, sludge waste gas treatment, garbage treatment waste gas, leather industry, printing factory, spice production industry, feed Odor and malodor treatment in various fields such as farms, pesticide production, and tobacco industry. It involves more than 900 kinds of gaseous substances, including: hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen, mercaptans, thioethers, anthraquinones, benzenes, nitros, hydrocarbons and aldehydes.

Schrada's service
Different production occasions will emit different exhaust gases and have different processes. Schrada Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is not only a manufacturer of exhaust gas treatment equipment, but also has more than ten years of experience in exhaust gas treatment. It can be field surveyed, provide professional design solutions according to the site environment, and we provide professional exhaust gas handling system installation engineering and after-sales service for you.

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