Activated carbon adsorption tower

Introduction to activated carbon adsorption tower
The activated carbon adsorption tower is an environmental protection equipment for dust removal and odor removal produced by the company. It mainly utilizes the adsorption of porous solid adsorbent activated carbon to effectively remove organic pollutants and odors from industrial waste gas.

The equipment adopts activated carbon adsorption and concentration integrated device, and the whole system realizes the closed cycle of purification and desorption. Suitable for low concentration, it is not suitable to use direct combustion, catalytic combustion method and organic waste gas without adsorption and concentration recovery treatment. It has the advantages of high adsorption efficiency, wide application range, convenient maintenance, and ability to simultaneously process a variety of mixed exhaust gases. It is widely used in electronic original parts production, battery production, pickling operations, laboratory exhaust, metallurgy, chemical, pharmaceutical, painting. , food, brewing and furniture production, paint exhaust gas and other waste gas treatment.

Activated carbon adsorption tower
Equipment structure
The activated carbon adsorption tower is mainly composed of an activated carbon layer and a support layer. Activated carbon has a developed void, that is, a large surface area, and has a high adsorption capacity. It is precisely because of this characteristic of activated carbon that it is widely used in the deep treatment of water, such as domestic water supply, deep treatment of water in the latter stage (clean water). After using activated carbon for a period of time, it adsorbs a large amount of adsorbate, gradually becomes saturated, loses its working ability, and will penetrate the filter layer in severe cases. Therefore, regeneration or replacement of activated carbon should be carried out.

The main function of the support layer is to prevent the loss of activated carbon from the equipment, and to play a certain uniform water distribution effect in the effluent and backwashing.
Activated carbon adsorption tower
Performance characteristics
1. The product has wide adsorption and large capacity, and has large adsorption capacity for gasoline, aldehydes, phenols, alcohols, olefins and other organic vapors, and has good adsorption to inorganic gases (such as No, N, S, S, HF, HCL, etc.), strong adsorption capacity for COD, BOD and oil in aqueous solution;
2. With small resistance, fast speed, rapid desorption, thorough; easy to replace, convenient waste disposal;
3. High adsorption efficiency and strong ability;
4. The equipment is compact in structure, small in floor space, simple in maintenance and management, and low in operating cost;
5. Can handle a variety of mixed organic waste gases at the same time;
6. It adopts automatic control operation design, which is easy and safe to operate;
7. Fully enclosed type, suitable for indoor and outdoor.
Activated carbon adsorption tower
Applicable industry
Activated carbon adsorption tower is widely used in furniture wood industry, chemical coatings, metal surface treatment, spraying, painting, drying, chemical, machinery, printing, rubber, furniture, electromechanical, ship, automobile, petroleum and other organic waste gas and odor-producing places. The high-quality adsorption activated carbon is used as the adsorption medium, and the organic waste gas is filtered and adsorbed through the multi-layer adsorption layer, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying the exhaust gas.
Activated carbon adsorption tower
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