22ft Large Industrial Ceiling Fan for Workshop and warehouse

Introduction of "HVLS" large fan
        The full name of the "HVLS" large fan is "High Volume, Low Speed", which is a large fan with a large air volume and a low wind speed.When it works, it rotates slowly through the super-large fan blade to drive a large amount of air to flow continuously downward and spread out along the ground, effectively promoting a wide range of sufficient convection inside and outside the room, and replacing the dirty hot air inside the room through air convection, so as to improve the indoor working environment.

large industrial fan
Core configuration
        Power:German NORD reinforced speed reducer;
        Frequency conversion control: Danfoss frequency converter;
        Fan blade: aviation magnesium alloy material;
        Fan hub: CNC precision processing

Application installation environment

        Industry: logistics warehousing, semi-open workshop, closed workshop, processing workshop, etc
        Sports industry: gym, gymnasium, natatorium, indoor sports hall, etc
        Business: exhibition center, large stores, automobile 4s stores, etc
        Entertainment: large amusement park, botanical garden, etc
        Transportation hub: terminal building, high-speed railway station, railway station, subway station, etc
        Other places: canteen, outdoor commercial activities, etcFan operating parameters
Fan operating parameters
        Fan Type:22Ft
        Body: Carbon steel
        Fan Motor:Germany NORD
        Controller: Danfoss
        Blades:5/6 PCS  magnesium alloy material
        Power: 1.5kW
        Voltage: 220V/380V
        Weight: 154kg
        Max. Speed:55RPM
        Wind speed: 1-3.3m/s
        Installation height: 5-16m

Summary of large industrial fan advantages
        1. One can cover more than 1000 square meters (unbelievably large area)
        2. Only consume 1 KWH of electricity per hour (especially save electricity, power consumption is one tenth of the air conditioner)
        3. Only five or sixty revolutions in one minute (low low speed wear and small, long life of 15 years)
        4. No floor space, hanging over a building (to make more floor space available)
        5. Simulated natural wind, indoors can also circulate bad convection (according to ergonomics, comfort)
        6. Open space and closed space are applicable (air conditioning is most afraid of frequent opening of doors and Windows, shop purchase, shipment)
        7. Air conditioning, wall fan or floor fan, negative pressure fan water curtain, water air conditioning (power consumption, water consumption, cost of consumables)
        8. Less investment and quicker efficiency (the most cost-effective, quick to complete procurement and installation)

Other features of large industrial fans

        Large industrial fans can be combined with other fresh air equipment to provide the following functions:
        1. Reduce bacteria, fog, mold
        2. Natural ventilation and cooling
        3. Accelerate water vapor evaporation in wet areas
        4. Constantly updating fresh air
        5. Accelerate indoor air flow

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