3.6m permanent magnet energy saving ceiling fan

Introduction of permanent magnet energy saving fan
        Permanent magnet large scale energy saving fan is powered by a permanent magnet brushless motor, the fan blade is made of titanium-magnesium-aluminum alloy, and the ventilation cooling device driven by the single-phase 220V  or Three-phase 380V power source has a large area without dead angle vertical air supply, and the wind is soft and comfortable, and at the same time accelerate indoor and outdoor air convection, take away the hot air generated by the equipment, and have the functions of ventilation cooling, accelerated air circulation, dust removal and dehumidification.
Core configuration
        Motor: permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor, no gearbox,power:0.8kW/AC 220V/380V;
        Control: intelligent frequency conversion control system, stepless speed control knob;With emergency start and stop, overload protection, voltage shock protection, phase loss protection and other protection functions
        Fan blade: titanium magnesium alloy material, high density, high hardness, good toughness, small and light
        Main frame: A380 aluminum alloy frame, with high hardness, light weight, high-end, beautiful, corrosion-resistant
        Hardware bolts: all stainless steel, can be used under humid conditions, acid and alkali conditions
        Others: Exclusive shock absorption design, PU film is used for the connecting part of the blade hub and the fan connecting beam, to prevent resonance, reduce fan noise and extend fan life
Application installation environment
        Industry: logistics warehousing, semi-open workshops, closed workshops, processing workshops, etc.
        Sports industry: gym, gymnasium, natatorium, indoor sports hall, etc
        Business: exhibition center, large stores, automobile 4s stores, etc
        Entertainment: large amusement park, botanical garden, etc
        Transportation hub: terminal building, high-speed railway station, railway station, subway station, etc.
        Other places: canteens, outdoor business activities, etc.

Fan operating parameters
        Fan Type:3.6m
        Body: All aluminum alloy structure
        Fan Motor:Permanent magnet brushless motor
        Controller: touch screen control
        Airfoil blades:5 PCS aviation magnesium alloy material
        Power: 0.8kW
        Voltage: 220V/380V
        Weight: 28kg
        Max. Speed:110RPM
        Wind speed: 1-3.8m/s
        Installation height: 4-8m


Summary of advantages of permanent magnet energy saving fans:
        1. Permanent magnet energy saving fan has no gearbox and the maintenance cost is low.
        2. Permanent magnet energy-saving fan blade adopts rare earth alloy, which has high hardness and toughness and is safer to use.
        3. Permanent magnet energy saving fan is designed with high energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
        4. Permanent magnet energy saving fan with all-aluminum structure, exclusive shock absorption design, longer theoretical design life.

The difference between permanent magnet energy-saving fan and traditional large industrial fan

        1. High torque (up to 200Nm);
        2. Low energy consumption (less than 0.5kw);
        3. Maintenance free (no gearbox required)
        4. Ultra-quiet (less than 40dB);
        5. Small size (optimized weight loss)。


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