Galvanized negative pressure fan

Introduction of galvanized negative pressure fan
        The galvanized negative pressure fan completely discharges the indoor hot air and odor through the negative pressure exhausting,the fresh air naturally flows into the room for ventilation, and the ventilation rate is up to 99%,it has large air volume, low energy consumption, low rotation speed and low has the advantages of dustproof and rainproof, can be used alone or in combination with other equipment, and is loved by many customers.

Galvanized negative pressure fan
Core configuration
        1. Outer frame: galvanized sheet material;
        2. Wind blade: stainless steel material;
        3. Transmission mode: belt type
        4. Motor: All copper aluminum shell motor.

Application installation environment

        1. Industry: garment factory, plastic factory, electronics factory, electroplating factory, chemical plant, machinery factory, printing and dyeing factory, coal factory, machinery factory, etc.;
        2. Business: shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, hotels, Internet cafes, etc.;
        3. Animal husbandry: ventilation, pig farms, rabbit farms, etc.
        4. Agriculture: garden flowers, greenhouse, aquaculture base;
        5. Places that require cooling and humidity. Such as cotton mills, wool mills, linen mills, textile mills, chemical mills, warp knitting mills, texturing mills, knitting mills, silk mills, hosiery factories and other types of textile mills;
        6. Applicable to the field of warehousing and logistics, e-commerce.
Galvanized negative pressure fan
Fan operating parameters
Fan operating parameters

Summary of advantages of galvanized negative pressure fan:
        1. Indoor air particles and odorous gases are emitted through fans
        2. The indoor hot air is quickly discharged into the room, so that the temperature is equal to the outside temperature and avoid the temperature rise in the workshop
        3. Used in conjunction with other equipment to improve the environment in wet, moldy warehouses with ventilation and dehumidification
        4. The air flow takes away the heat of the human body, and the air flow accelerates the evaporation of the sweat and absorbs the heat of the human body, so that the body feels cool and cool as the natural wind.
        5. Used in conjunction with other cooling equipment, the temperature in the workshop can be controlled within 28 degrees Celsius in hot summer weather, so that the cool feeling of the human body can be compared with air conditioning.

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