1.1kW mobile air cooler

Introduction to mobile air cooler
        The mobile air cooler is a multi-functional equipment that integrates cooling, ventilation, dust removal and deodorization. The equipment can bring cooling and ventilation effects to many public places and household occasions such as workshops, logistics warehouses, stadiums, venues, shopping malls, etc. The most important thing is that It has energy saving and environmental protection effects. It is a new product that environmentally friendly compressor-free, refrigerant-free, copper-free tube.  

Mobile air cooler
Main configuration
        1. The body is made of ABS engineering plastic material, which is small and exquisite, easy to move, anti-UV, anti-corrosion and anti-aging;
        2. Special fiber corrugated honeycomb wet curtain, easy to clean, invariable, anti-mildew, long service life;
        3. National standard copper motor, good heat dissipation and high protection level;
        4. Large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption and good cooling effect.

Application installation environment
        1. Civil occasions: family, office, chess and card room, restaurant, night camp, gym;
        2. Manufacturing: textile, machinery, ceramics, fine chemicals, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather and others;
        3. Processing industry: electroplating, electronics, footwear, printing and dyeing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food and so on;
        4. Public places: kitchens, vegetable markets, large entertainment centers, underground parking lots, stations and other industries;
        5. Farms: chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, livestock and poultry breeding industries;
        6. Planting fields: vegetable storage, seed room, flower planting, straw mushroom planting and other occasions.
Mobile air cooler

Technical Parameters
        Power: 1.1kw
        Power supply: 220V/380V
        Air volume: 18000 m³
        Material: plastic
        Water tank: 220L
        Size: 1100*1100*1950mm
        Package Size:1200*1200*1300mm
        Air outlet: 1/2/4/8(Custom made)
        Applicable area: 60-80 ㎡

Advantages of mobile air cooler
        1. Energy saving: only consume 1 degree of electricity per hour, and the cost is low;
        2.Environmental protection: no freon gas, integrating deodorization, ventilation, cooling and humidity;
        3. Cooling: fast efficiency, cooling effect of 5 °C -15 °C;
        4. Coverage area: large air volume and long distance, the equipment coverage area can reach 60-150㎡;
        5. Cost: less cost investment, 80% less investment than central air-conditioning;
        6. Use: Do not close the doors and windows to ensure air circulation and increase the indoor oxygen content;
        7. Humidity: Use in dry area to increase air humidity and improve comfort;
        8. Installation: Mobile fan can be used directly on the ground for easy maintenance.

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